Facebook Timeline for Brands around the corner

Facebook recently rolled out timeline for personal pages and could be doing the same for brand pages.  According to Forbes.com Facebook has over 3.5 million brand pages and it is no more a question of “if” Facebook will launch timeline for brand pages or not but “when”. This launch is expected at the end of February when the Facebook has its Facebook Marketing Conference.

So, how will Facebook timeline for brand pages impact brands? Well, going by Facebook timeline for personal profiles it looks like timeline for brand pages will also sport a large attractive cover image and split-wall. What remains to be seen is how Facebook tabs and custom pages will be impacted with this release. Brands may need to re-think on how they would like their users to engage with them on Facebook and how brands can leverage this new feature and connect with their users.

Facebook timeline for brands will also allow brands to populate their history and share more information with its users than the usual wall posts. Third party app developers will also be waiting to see how this will help them make better apps which are more engaging and interactive for use on brand pages.

A mock-up brand timeline page created by Ryan Kennedy and featured on Mashable.com shows what a brand page could end up look like. (see image below)

(image credit: mashable.com)

Note: Although the likelihood of this feature releasing on Facebook is very high, it is still only a possibility. Facebook is expected to make an announcement at its Facebook Marketing Conference in NYC later this month. Please watch out for more updates.


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Author: Akbar Lalani
<p>Akbar Lalani is an entrepreneur and currently the CEO of Corelead Interactive. He has over 18 years experience in building strategic marketing plans and managed several online brands for small, medium and large companies including Fortune 500 companies.</p>


  • cloudninegirl

    I am helping a horse rescue group with their new web site and their Facebook page. They have been using a Facebook personal page as their home base for many years. Even though I know converting their personal page to a fan page is absolutely necessary for a proper social media presence, it will be catastrophic because they will lose every post, comment and picture during the conversion. I have read that ALL personal pages will be converted to Timeline format on February 24th (in two days) and that Timeline for fan pages will be launched at the end of February. I really need some insider info before I proceed, and I have two questions:

    My first question is, should they wait a few days to convert from a personal page to a fan page, on the off chance that the new Timeline format will retain their content?

    My second question is, if they choose to let Facebook automatically convert their personal page to Timeline in a few days (without converting it to a fan page first), will the new Timeline format prevent them from converting their new personal page to a fan page in the future?

    As usual, the infants that run Facebook have no technical support to call and their help pages are a complete waste of time. Can anyone help? Thanks so much!

    • Hi cloudeninegirl,

      As you admitted in your post, there is benefit in converting a personal page to a fan page because it will let you grow your fan base beyond what is permitted on a personal page. You will also be able to buy fans through Facebook marketing if you had a fan page.

      I am assuming that you already know about the procedures involved in migrating your personal page to a fan page, but if you don’t then you can do it from this link https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php?migrate

      Before you do that (migrate) you should also take a copy of all your old posts and pictures on the personal page (it’s always good to have a backup) and you can find more information on that here http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=116481065103985

      As far as timing is concerned, I think the sooner you do it the better, you did not mention how many posts, pictures, friends they have on the personal page but if they don’t have too many at this point, its better you do it right away. This will help you build your fan page experience from scratch (they way you want it to be). You can use your saved data to re-populate (if you wish) the fan page. You should also inform your friends on the personal page that you are moving to a fan page by updating your status or be sending them a note. The reason why I say the sooner (migrating) the better is because the longer you stay on your personal page that more posts you will add to it.

      On your question about being able to convert your personal page to a fan page after timeline is activated, you can see on this page (question number 5 about timeline. It is possible.

      • cloudninegirl

        Hi and thanks so much for your suggestions. Essentially, I am looking for a way to convert their page to a fan page without losing information, but I don’t think that’s possible. For now, I’ve decided to download the current page’s data using Facebook’s backup, and then let the page automatically convert to the Timeline format tomorrow. Then, over the next couple of weeks, we can go through all the photos and documents and comments, and save everything that needs to be saved. Once it’s saved, then we can convert to the fan page and re-upload the pictures, etc. That’s the only way I think Facebook is set up to do it.

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